Giving Back After A Bootcamp: How Your Experience Can Help Future Students

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This piece was written by Erica Freedman, Content Marketing and Client Services Specialist at

Keyboard, phone and notebooks on white tableWith the amount of tech programs and bootcamps currently available in the market, choosing the right one can prove difficult. To narrow down your choices, you may have looked to sites like SwitchUp, or Quora to read reviews of previous students or reached out to alumni online.

Because regulations for tech programs can vary, prospective students depend on the experiences and feedback of alumni to weed out the less satisfactory programs saturating the market. “There are currently 120 in-person bootcamps and hundreds of part-time and online programs available worldwide,” based on SwitchUp’s research. While choice can be good, it can also make it difficult to find what is just right for you.

Personal accounts are important because they take students beyond marketing materials or publicity, and provide valuable first-hand experience. Your on-the-ground perspective is unlike anyone else’s. It can help students understand the big picture, from the beginning of your research through to your career in tech. Think back to when you were trying to find the best program possible and write a review from that perspective. What do you wish you had seen or heard before entering a bootcamp?

If you are a bootcamp grad (or soon-to-be grad), your perspective can help “pay it forward” to the next cohort of students, and give your school helpful feedback as well. We suggest the following tips to give back after your bootcamp ends:

Spread the Word

Talking about your experience with your bootcamp community is an easy way to let people know if your program is worth it. Did you have an amazing experience? Tell people to attend the same program!

You can also:

  • Answer questions in online forums; Quora and Hackernews are not just forums, but valuable resources for coders, programmers and bootcamp students.
  • Refer friends and acquaintances to the bootcamp; If you loved it, why not allow others to share the same experience? Spread the knowledge, wealth and positive interactions you had at Grand Circus.
  • Offer to speak to future programmers who are considering your bootcamp; this is a tough decision.

You remember! Help ease the stress of choosing the right program by highlighting why Grand Circus is a stand-out choice.

Write a Blog Post

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A blog can be a great addition to your online portfolio, and a blog post about your bootcamp experience can be very helpful to others.

You can use sites like Medium to post your own content, or create a blog section as part of your own website. Grand Circus also does alumni highlights; reach out to them if you’d like to be showcased. Showing potential employers you are multi-skilled and multi-faceted can never hurt. Plus, your story is your own. Tell it to help potential students gain a deeper understanding of what makes this program special. 

Write A Review

Many bootcamp alumni are choosing to leave reviews on sites like Quora, Google, Facebook and Medium, or on a review site like SwitchUp.

If you are interested in writing a review of Grand Circus, check out our SwitchUp reviews page here. Plus, you will automatically be entered to win a $500 Amazon gift card or one of five $100 Amazon gift cards from SwitchUp once you submit a verified review.

By taking a few minutes to write a review, you’ll provide invaluable feedback to Grand Circus and help “pay-it-forward” to future students.

Make sure your review weighs the pros and cons of the program and also discusses curriculum, instructors and job support.

A detailed review can make or break a students decision. Help future cohorts find their dream school by sharing your honest opinion today.